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With so many CBD products out there, from CBD for inflammation to CBD for joint pain, how does one choose?

As a local Sothern Oregon company, we pride ourselves on providing quality products at affordable prices. We are mindful of the ingredients we use, sourcing from manufacturers who use ethical & organic practices. We invite you to bring some mindful moments to your day with our full-spectrum CBD cream.

Customers have found relief from such ailments as arthritis and joint pain, headaches/migraines, sore and stiff muscles, post surgery swelling, inflammationeczema, sleeplessness, and more.

Arnica is used in all our products for extra relief! Relief does not have to break the bank and it is just a click away. Contact us to try our salves. We know you will love them!

What Clients Say

"The lavender deeply moisturizes my skin and the CBD soothes my arthritis and carpel tunnel."
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