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You can't go wrong choosing Self-Care

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Arnica has long been used to treat sore muscles, bruising, swelling, and other types of inflammation. This is why so many companies are adding this amazing plant extract to their products. This is our natural human response; we see a need and want to fill it. Additionally, recent studies have shown that using Arnica and CBD synergistically compounds the healing response in the body. Often, when we can slow down, unwind, and add some self-care such as a nice hot bath, rest, or even a relaxing massage to the mix, this will not only feel amazing but will speed up that healing process exponentially. The body wants to go back to the natural order of things. But it needs your help to accomplish this, sometimes super heavy, feat.

The stress hormone cortisol plays a big factor in the day-to-day lives of most. The role of cortisol is a positive one, when we produce it in moderation. It is the fight-or-flight hormone that keeps us from getting eaten by that tiger. Only wait, most of us do not live in the jungle or even near enough to such wildlife that could potentially harm us. Maybe a better example is when your toddler is playing too close to the street and you see a car coming, that cortisol kicks in, you hear the loud pounding of your heart, and race over to snatch up your precious jewel. Again, how often does this scenario play out in your day? And how do you deal with the after effects of the adrenaline coursing through and potentially leaving lasting effects on your body?

Most of our bodies are so wired now to perceive that normal level of stress as “the tiger” that we are in constant fight-or-flight mode. How can you turn this off? Well, this is where body work such as massage in conjunction with CBD and Arnica can be extremely beneficial. Massage has been shown to improve blood flow and moderate inflammation. Due to the healing properties of CBD and Arnica in the response to inflammation, combining these modalities together can be exponentially beneficial.

Cytokine, a protein that acts similar to hormones, is closely related to stress and cortisol, and the production of this, again, is useful short term, but when the body is producing these consistently and long term this creates large quantities of inflammation, and you experience this as pain in the body. Again, some of the safest and most effective ways to treat inflammation with natural remedies are using plants like Arnica and CBD, in addition to manual therapies like massage. One of the best things about this is that you cannot go wrong choosing self-care; it always pays off and the only side effects will be positive ones!

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